Hello World 👋

I am a Senior Software Engineer, primarily working with TypeScript and Rect. In april 2022 I decided to start sharing my knowledge on the internet and build an online audience. A few months later I am writing this post.

The Past

I grew up in Slovakia where I studied computer science.

My career started as a mobile developer. I spent around 6 years developing apps for Android and iOS phones. During that time I worked for various companies spanning from small, digital agencies, startups all the way to multi-national corporates.

In 2017 I decided to learn React in my free time as it seemed like a great choice for my career. I tried it. I loved it. And I have been working with React and TypesScript since then.

The Present

Currently I am working as a freelance consultant. It is an interesting mix between freelance and fulltime roles. It is neither of those.

As a contractor I usually work with companies for longer periods of time (at least 6 months). However, I am not a full time employee, I own a business license and operate on my own.

This gives me more stability, while still leveraging benefits of being a freelancer.

The future

My goal has always been to create great content that people will enjoy reading or watching, so I hope that you’ll continue to stick around. If you don’t know me yet, then welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

If you got this far, you’re awesome. Thank you so much for reading my mediocre writing. But then again, I am just a software engineer 😊